Fees and Forms
                                 ESCROW SERVICING FEES


Payment Disbursement Fee                                 $ 10.00
Additional Disbursements(per check)                   $ 3.00
Annual Support fee​                                               $ 50.00
Taxes and Insurance Monthly (Reserves)            $ 5.00
                      We will pay your Taxes and/or Insurance upon request
Delinquent Payment reminder                              $ 3.00

*Receipts/Payments notices mailed or emailed on all accounts free of charge. 

Demand Processing Fee                                       $ 50.00
Assignment of Interest                                           $ 50.00
    (Does not include document prep and recording)
Assignment of Interest to include preparation and Recording
Real Estate Closing/Document Prep Fee              $195.00
​    (Documents Prepared in our office and closed in our office includes recording     of Notice of Contract)
Promissory Note Closing/Document Prep             $125.00
​    (Documents Prepared in our office and closed in our office not recorded)
Set Up Fee                                                             $ 0.00
​    (Never a fee for Transferred or Contracts closed at a Title Company or     Attorney's office)
Trust/Construction Account Set up and Service    $200.00
​    (Includes up to 3 draws Additional draws $15 each)
Close out fee                                                         $100.00
NSF                                                                       $ 50.00 + $5.00/day
Payment History Printout                                      No Charge